If you are seeking for the best digital media marketplace which belongs to the next generation, then BitImage will be the ultimate solution for you. This one is an excellent platform which comes with decentralized content licensing. Here you can do everything, from purchasing to trading and even you can explore different digital media. BitImage is all about the groundbreaking inclinations of Blockchain. Along with that, if you want the most convenient way of obtaining digital content, then you have to use the artificial intelligence of BitImage. It can be anything, from a video to excellent images, audio or even graphics; the most comfortable solution is this leading digital media marketplace. You just have to take one step to utilize this life-changing innovation.

The users of BitImage can be benefitted primarily in two different ways. The first one is there is a vast collection of which you can search and supplement your desired digital media. The second one has accomplished creative users are available here. You can instantly request them to receive new digital media. The users can protect the copyright of the content by decentralized content licensing and blockchain. So now you can guarantee uniqueness to the clients with BitImage.
Rates and Bonuses
During the Presale period, the bonus will be at a rate of 30%, which is 1 ETH = 130,000 BIM.rnrnCrowdsale: rn • week 1 - 25%  | 1 ETH = 125,000 BIM;
rn • week 2 - 20%  | 1 ETH = 120,000 BIM;
rn • week 3 - 15%  | 1 ETH = 115,000 BIM;
rn • week 4 - 10%  | 1 ETH = 110,000 BIM;
rn • week 5 - 5%  | 1 ETH = 105,000 BIM;
rn • week 6 - 0%  | 1 ETH = 100,000 BIM.rn
10% - Presalern52$ - Crowdsalern18% - BitImage Team (will be frozen for 1 year)rn10% - Reserve Fund (will be frozen for 6 months)rn4% - Advisors (will be frozen for 6 months)rn6% - Bounty Program


Name Position Links
Kirill Yusov Director, Founder
Xenia Sokolova Head of Operations
Bohdan Nikitin Head of Development
Ellina Bereza Marketing Specialist
Robert Levin Advisor
Anastasia Green Advisor
Sasha Andrieiev Advisor
Anton Vorontsov Advisor

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3 days 8 hours left

2018-04-26 - 2018-05-24
Token BIM
PreICO Price 1 ETH = 169,000 BIM
Price 1 ETH=130,000 BIM
Bonus 30%
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 0,1 ETH
Soft cap 2000 ETH
Hard cap 42000 ETH
Country Seychelles
Restricted areas USA
Category Business services
Total Supply 10

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