A decentralized market network is Bitcomo. The novel paradigm that the blockchain technology provides  perfect solution for online advertisers. The data that companies collect from users of the web can be analyzed appropriately by them. It allows them to target a large number of audiences at cheap rates, as opposed to traditional tools of marketing.

Their CPA network is wholly based on performance. So, advertisers make payment after seeing results and based on the number of customers or visitors; internet marketers get their payment. Both advertisers and publishers get incentives and rewards.

The Bitcomo ecosystem intends to offer a marketing network devoid of payout problems and fraudulent activities. The blockchain technology anchors the business model of Bitcomo. Transparency of this platform ensures that data of the users remain entirely secure. There also remains no intermediary between companies and their target audience. With fewer complications involved, companies get the advantage of making investments wisely. This feature leads to their success and profit.

So, the aim of Bitcomo is helping businesses to lessen the costs of advertising but multiplying the success. They make ample use of the blocchain technology to provide a user-friendly platform to businesses. BM tokens are required for trading in the Bitcomo platform.


Name Position Links
Ivan KaradzhovCo-Founder of Bitcomo (CEO AdPop)
Nick EvdokimovBlockchain Advisor
Alex GrusCMO Bitcomo
Lavrentios PenklidisHead of Public Relations Department
Alina AnghelutaLATAM and EU Markets Manager
Ekaterina KozhinaUS and Pacific Asia Markets Manager
Tuan AnhSoutheast Asia Markets Manager
Alina YakubenkoCIS Market Manager
Artem KravchenkoEvent Director
Roman DubinaBitcomo Platform Developer
Elena MerkulovaCIS Market Manager
Alexandra EltyshevaHead of Publishing Department
Liliya FatyakhdinovaFinance Manager
Pattaraporn RakkannganUSA and Asia Markets Manager
Token BM
Price 1 BM = 0.3 USD
Platform Ethereum,Waves
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 122,400,000
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