We are expanding our business of data centres due to increased demand, as more businesses, organisations, and people get online. These online activities produce lots of valuable personal analytics data, and this is great for business growth, as long as it is captured in an open and transparent way. People should also be rewarded for the way in which their activities contribute to these analytics. Biotron.io delivers on both counts.


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  • Pavol Magic
  • CEO
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  • Peter Dendis
  • Co-founder & CMO
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  • Slavomir Kubacka
  • Co-founder & CTO
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  • Martin Smolka
  • COO
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  • Pierre Charvet
  • Head of Business Development
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  • Samuel Kasman
  • Programmer, Web developer
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  • Pavol Hudec
  • Project Manager
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  • Nancy J. Levy
  • Business and Market Strategy
  • Martyn Harler
  • CTO of SophiaTX
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Platform Ethereum
Category Business services , smart-contract
Total Supply 350,000,000
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