Bibox is an AI enhanced-encrypted digital asset exchange platform. The founding team is formed by top tier Chinese blockchain & Crypto giants. The team includes co-founder of OKCoin and other core founding members from, which are two largest Bitcoin exchange platforms in China even across the world. Besides the core tech team and operation team, Bibox also attracts bitcoin enthusiasts, adopters of block chain, established series entrepreneurs, professional securities traders, Venture Capitalists, high-tech Angel Investors, and top A.I experts in the industry to participate in the platform.

  • Details
  • Bibox is an intelligent transaction platform for blockchain asset, jointly established by a group of senior experts who are enthusiastic about blockchain and have a thorough knowledge in the areas of blockchain, finance and AI, etc. The platform was created to spread the word about digital asset and enable digital assets to facilitate our lives. We also hope that with our continuous efforts and accumulation of knowledge, we will work with our customers to build Bibox into a “world leading and transparent intelligent transaction platform for digital assets” by way of advanced AI technology and perfect user experience. We also want to make Bibox the best place for staff career development.
    • Security Safe use of microservices splitting design
    • Professionalism A high level team composed of experts in blockchain, finance and AI
    • Efficiency A memory matching system of megabits per second
    • Stability State-of-the-art distributed cluster architecture adopted by the platform
    • Strong Compatibility Extra strong fault-tolerant capacity
    • High Capacity Admissible user throughput up to ten million
    Product Advantages
    • Unified market entry/exit criteria We will screen the digital assets with AI technology of our own research and development, keeping the quality ones circulating on the secondary market and removing the bad ones that aim to cash out, so as to provide the investors with an open, transparent, neutral and fair trading platform..
    • Multi-currency transaction The platform offers transactions in quality tokens derivative from Ethereum ERC20, OmiLayer and EOS as well as the original ones certified with professional valuation. At the early stage the tokens will be BTC-denominated and other legal tenders such as CNY, HKD, EUR and JPY will also be used in the future.
    • Leveraged/Contract transaction We will gradually open spot transaction and other financial services, allow the investors to short sell, in order to meet the investors’ needs of avoiding risks and prevent large swings in the value of the tokens.
    • API Attracting institutional investors to participate in the transactions on our platform, which helps to enhance the mobility of the platform and reduce drastic fluctuation in the price. API interfaces include RESTful, Websocket and Fix.
    • Extensive and professional strategic transactions In combination with AI technology, we develop intelligent transaction assistants, provide strategic transaction tools and enable tape reading without human involvement around the clock. We support ordering with function command given by intelligent speech recognition.
    • Decentralized transactions In accordance with the transaction scale on the platform, we will gradually open other new types of transaction to meet the needs of different users. The new transaction types include but are not limited to decentralized transaction based on blockchain technology.
  • Rates and Bonuses
    • Token info

    • Token
    • BIX
    • Platform
    • Ethereum
    • Type
    • ERC20
    • Price in ICO
    • 0.17 USD
    • BONUS

    • Day 1-11
    • 11%
    • Investment info

    • Accepting
    • ETH
    • Distributed in ICO
    • 55%
    • Hard cap
    • 16666 ETH
    • Raised
    • Unknown


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Jason He
  • CEO
  • Jeffery Lei
  • COO
  • Michael Wang
  • CTO
  • Michael Shi
  • CEO at Shared Finance & Co-founder at ICORace
  • Lee
  • Economics Scholar, Independent Blockchain Investor
  • Wong
  • Founder at HPB
  • Tang Yau Tak
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token BIX
Price 0.17 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap150,000 ETH
Category CryptoCurrency , Investment

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