Beuthereum is an Bitcoin and Ethereum based platform where freelancers and clients connect remotely through smart contracts. On Beuthereum, clients post job opportunities and job seekers avail the same. Payments for a job offer are made in CL token once the rules set in the smart contracts are met.

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  • We stand for any business that wants to raise capital to grow. We stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in. That’s why we built Beuthereum. To connect businesses directly to investors, using blockchain. To make buying and selling shares easy. Our platform is already available as a prototype on our website. It provides solutions to the problem of raising capital for large enterprises and smaller businesses alike. We offer business owners access to the sophisticated tools and techniques of the listed markets for a fraction of the price. For investors we provide direct access to a huge range of equity offers previously only open to institutional investors, for zero fees. Raising capital through equity in the traditional way is a complicated and costly process. Running an IPO takes months of planning, multiple engagements with advisors, negotiations with banks and law firms to gain regulatory approval, and pitches to attract institutional investors. The process takes a minimum of twelve months, attracts hefty fees, and the end result is uncertain. Our back-to-basics approach to raising capital reduces bureaucracy, whilst our use of blockchain technology removes duplication and eliminates errors. We allow investors and businesses to exchange digital share certificates for fiat or crypto-currency in a transparent, tamper proof and immutable distributed ledger. No intermediary or other reconciliation steps are involved in transactions, cutting through hundreds of legacy systems and solutions from the old world. Whilst some providers aim to avoid regulation, we believe it is important to offer a fully regulated platform, and therefore we are committed to working with regulators. We have already started the process of acquiring a European Banking license. Underpinning Beuthereum is the utility token BCH, which is used as the fuel to transact on our platform. We are holding a token sale in order to create a community of token owners and raise the necessary funds to develop the production platform in 2018. Beuthereum was founded by a core team who have worked together in the financial services industry for more than thirteen year. We have the platform, team and experience required to disrupt the global equity market, one of the most inefficient and secretive industries you could imagine, and all we need is your help. Buying and selling shares should be easy. With Beuthereum, it is.
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    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1 ETH = 600 BCH
    Tokens for sale 10,000,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment 0.1 ETH
    Accepting BTC, ETH
    Distributed in ICO 50%
    Hard cap 8M USD
    Raised Unknown


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  • Maher Mokaddam
  • Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
  • Hamza Fessi
  • Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder
  • Khalil Eloumini
  • Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
  • Tetania Yankovenkia
  • CEO and Founder of Competitive Compliance
  • Larry Hayes
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Sarah Dransner
  • Business Consultant
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Price 1 ETH = 600 BCH
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Hard cap8M USD
Category CryptoCurrency , software

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