Betmaster is an innovative online sport betting platform based on blockchain technology. Utilizing the decentralized power of blockchain they have reinvested the sport betting process. They use the flexibility of crypto currencies to achieve the unrivaled operational efficiency and high profitability. The Betmaster token is represented by BETM. The current value of the token in ICO is 1.00 USD. The platform for the token is Ethereum and it is accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and Fiat. The location of the company is in Estonia. The business of the company is based on Events & Entertainment. The type of the token is ERC20.

Dependency on centralized outdated technology

Since all the betting platforms operate based on outdated IT solutions and are very slow to quickly adapt to the changing environment. Hence these systems do not allow for rapid change in expansion and trusted environment for customers. Thereby there is more dependency on centralized outdated technology.

  • Details
  • Existing Challenges
    Though Sports betting is a 450 billion dollar industry the traditional approach in most part is still common and inefficient. Thereby they limit the necessary security and trust and lack the immediate need for customer engagement. Hence their initial approach was to tackle some of the major problems that better experience online.
    Solutions provided by Betmaster
    Betmaster provides a proven, rapidly growing and revenue generating sports betting system. This system empowers them to bet to the people on a Peer to Peer basis. Though there are many P2P crypto exchanges available, Betmaster creates a truly unique P2P betting exchange allowing the bettors to create their own betting rules and odds.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token BETM
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1.00 USD

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Fiat
    Raised $5,244,313


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Serhii Moliboh
  • Project coordination
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  • Beslan Birzhev
  • Product owner at Betmaster (concept development)
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  • Dmitry Zholobov
  • Business analytic at Betmaster (business analytics)
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  • Andreas Ioannou
  • Director at Leo Trust Cyprus Ltd (escrow agent, tax and legal services)
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  • Vladimir Markov
  • Research & development manager at Betmaster (research & development)
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  • Mikhail Traverse
  • Partner at ISD Group (marketing)
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  • Vika Prudnyk
  • Chief Operating Officer at Hashtag agency (marketing)
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  • Edward W. Mandel
  • CEO at Object Micro, Inc. (blockchain enthusiast, marketing)
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  • Johann Barbie
  • CTO at Acebusters (blockchain engineering)
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  • Anatoliy Zhupanov
  • Product manager at Betmaster (product management)
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  • Anton Fedchenko
  • Frontend developer at Betmaster (programming)
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  • Anatoliy Zenkov
  • Designer at Betmaster (design)
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  • Denis Drozhzhov
  • Designer at Betmaster (design)
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  • Stanislav Kotseruba
  • Backend developer at Betmaster (programming)
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  • Michael Raven
  • Founder & Managing director at Blazon PR
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  • James Treacher
  • Head of Marketing at Blazon PR
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token BETM
Price 1.00 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Fiat
Category Events & Entertainment
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