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Benebit is a global decentralized platform that is built on Ethereum. It aims at facilitating interactions between brands, companies and consumers through blockchain technology. Benebit has revolutionized the market of cashbacks and loyalty and is considered to be a groundbreaking network that is based on blockchains. Benebit has given a new route to business-customer interactions by storing and exchanging data in a very secured manner. It has shaped the transaction process and added value to both brands as well as the customers by providing discounts, special deals, interesting cashbacks and loyalty programs. Benebit also provides Benebit Tokens to users that can be exchanged into any major cryptocurrencies. These tokens have bridged the demographic gap and now users can shop from any part of the world with a single Benebit Token in their hand (BNE).


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  • The essence of Benebit is that it is useful for both businesses as well as customers. Businesses can retain their customers for prolonged period and can also attract potential patrons by collecting customers shopping data. From point of view of customers, it helps in saving their time and they also enjoy cashbacks from purchases they make. Benebit is one such platform that reduces the transaction fees as intermediaries are discouraged in the process and every transactions passes via benebit network.


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  • John Laverty
  • Co-Founder & CEO
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  • Howard Sharp
  • Co-Founder & CTO
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  • Ian Livingstone
  • COO
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  • Victoria Ellison
  • CFO
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  • Robert Davis
  • CMO
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  • Steven Richardson
  • Lead Full-stack Developer
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  • Junaid Mushtaq
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Qasid Labeed
  • Blockchain Developer
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Total Supply225,000,000
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