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The crypto community has integrated production of organic beef known as BeEasy which is based on Ethereum and Waves Platform. The token is known as BEEF and its value is 1BEEF= 1USD. It has developed the decentralised economy of blockchain.Being originated from Russia BeefCoin is strictly restricted in USA, People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Canada and New Zealand. Their main goal is to raise funds that will help them to scale production and expansion of profitable business. To transport field produce to counters and sell as many organic products as possible is the goal of the BeefCoin.

Nikolay Melbard is founder and CEO introduced it as a profitable and stable green economy that processes organic meat farm into finished products on the dining table. To expand this working model of green business and arising funds tokens named BeefCoins are introduced. A token sale using the blockchain and crypto-currency technology has brought a commendable growth in the field of natural organic food. With the success of restaurant chain in Moscow now they are planning to bring it up with the help of tokens and bonuses.


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  • The traditional methods and quality products ensure long term loyalty of the customers. The blockchain technology is integrating an open network and accelerating the development process. This is an economically sustainable business model that brings farm and restaurants together to provide healthy food with great cash in-flow. The processes include cultivation, flattening and slaughtering, processing semi- finished food and production of vegetables, dairy, pork, poultry, eggs, etc.


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  • Nikolay Melbard
  • Founder & CEO, Melbard LLC Co-owner, Meat Desire
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  • Kirill Kuznetsov
  • Brand Chef & Co-owner, Meat Desire
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  • Dennis Chirkovsky
  • Markering & PR
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  • Alexey Balakirev
  • Financial Advisor
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  • Marina Vorsina
  • Legal Advisor
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Price1 BEEF = 1 USD
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, Waves, Fiat
Soft cap100000 USD
Hard cap2000000 USD
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply4,000,000
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