Beatle Market is a state-of-the-art marketplace where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish with cryptocurrency instead of fiat-currency. Entire stores can be created directly through the marketplace where you can sell your own products or re-sell others’ products for commission. Like Ebay or Amazon without corporate gouging, maintenance or hefty fees. Truly 1:1 global commerce. No middle man.

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  • The Beatlematic team is launching its application «Beatle Market», which is an ecommerce internet application platform with support for cryptocurrencies. Beatle Market recreates the global infrastructure of major e-commerce corporations, such as eBay and Amazon, entirely in code.Beatle market offers significant advantages over traditional e-commerce platforms and opens up the rapidly growing marketplace to new business and user segments. It allows anyone to make a purchase, to list items for sale or even to set up a complete store with very low fees and high degree of privacy. At the same time, Beatle Market contains powerful tools to facilitate both the user experience and to protect customers and merchants. These tools include instant search, escrow, and customisable filters to screen items illegal in certain jurisdictions. A reputation system is under development.All buyer payments are made in cryptocurrency, principally in bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), which can be held in an integrated wallet for convenience or, if preferred, in an external wallet. Sellers will be required to use the BEATLE coin in order to post a listing.Beatle Market is an e-commerce marketplace where everyone can buy and sell goods, and benefit from the significant advantages of the platform's design and technical properties: privacy, freedom, and much lower costs.
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    PreICO price1 BEATLE = $0.25
    Price in ICO1 BEATLE = $0.45
    Tokens for sale10,500,000

    Investment info

    AcceptingETH, BTC
    Distributed in ICO70%
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PreICO Price1 BEATLE = $0.25
Price1 BEATLE = $0.45
AcceptingETH, BTC
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