Bankcoin allows users to have an intuitive navigation experience in a very intuitive platform with the highest security standards. It is a new concept in crypto currency and digital assets. In the world market, there is a signal of accelerated growing in the crypto currency demand and also the commercial and financial brands are on the eve to test the concept and are slowly moving a payment method which is based on blockchain technology.

The token of the Bankcoin is named as Bankcoin. The current value of the Bankcoin in ICO is 0.25 USD. The company is located in Mexico and the category of the company belongs to banking and crypto currency. The platform of the token is based on Waves. The number of tokens for sale is 25,000,000. The sold token as in 25th Sep 2017 is 4,000,000.

  • Details
  • There are group of entrepreneurs employed in Bankcoin aiming together to reach a more efficient, secure and fast way of exchanging products and services on a global level. They are trying to achieve this through the use of digital currency with cutting-edge technology like blockchain or data chains. They feel that people are demanding more and more quality in addition to wanting the option to carry out transfers directly between people or companies. Keeping this in mind, Bankcoin arose as a comprehensive platform using its own digital currency called as Bankcoin. It is a platform which offers exchange of these currencies and other main digital currencies. Further it also offers services such as international debit cards, ATMs, allows interconnection with other platforms and online product and services store.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token Bankcoin
    Platform Waves
    Price in ICO 0.25 USD
    Tokens for sale 25,000,000
    Sold tokens 4,000,000 Updated on 25th Sep 2017 12:10:20

    Investment info

    Accepting Fiat
    Raised $1,000,000


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  • Position
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  • Karina Avilés
  • Co-founder and President
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  • Juan Carlos del Castillo
  • Co-founder and Commercial Vice President
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  • Kalep Blanco
  • Co-founder and Vice President of Technology
  • Andrea Vara
  • CEO
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token Bankcoin
Price 0.25 USD
Platform Waves
Category Banking , CryptoCurrency

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