Bank4YOU Group (BFY)

Mobile payments have existed since 1999 when the first commercial payment system made to mimic banks and credit cards was launched in the Philippines after being trialed in Finland and Sweden. We can define remittance as the funds that are sent by an expatriate or emigrant to his or her own country of origin via means like wire, online transfer and IMR wallets. These peer-to-peertransfers of fund don’t need to be bound by the working schedules of the banks, as most of the residents can’t even afford credit cards.

Apart from the economic significance of the remittance, it is also a very useful and simple tool to use for sending money home. Moreover, the developing countries don’t have the sufficiently developed or even have absent bank infrastructure. This is also why the people are looking for alternative options and mobile banking is the undisputable leader in this case. The token of Bank 4 youis BFY and the value is 1BFY=0.21USD. Bank 4 youis based on Ethereum platform and has originated in UK.

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  • Residency proof or bank accounts are not needed for mobile remittance via Bank4you. Bank4you is a registered company for Fintech service in England and Wales with headquarters in London, UK. Ever since it was established in 2013, Bank4you is a leading business working model that provides easy and quick mobile banking services across the globe with simple steps for money conversion, implementing a new generation of easily available banking and financial services in the everyday lives of the common people.


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  • David Agar
  • Chief executive officer
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  • Adam Lane
  • Managing director
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  • Marcelo Ferreira
  • Chief technical officer
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  • Peter Davis
  • Chief financial officer
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  • Justin McCarthy
  • Chief marketing officer
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  • Sin Chee Saw
  • Vice president, business development, Asia
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  • Tariyel Tahirov
  • Vice president, business development, Middle East and СIS
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  • Paul Scott
  • Vice president, business development, Africa
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  • Paul Griffiths
  • Chief Operating Officer
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Token BFY
Price 1 BFY = 0.21 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC
Minimum investment100 USD
Category Finance
Total Supply 300,000,000
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