Balehubucks is a platform designed exclusively for small medium businesses and mid level merchants. Based out of US, the platform is built using Ethereum blockchain with an aim to revolutionize the way small merchants and end consumer communicates in order to exchange goods and services. There is a Balehu community, which comprises of merchants, backers, and contributors where each plays a significant role in   making the communication strong. The Balehu community together addresses the main challenge that is faced by small businesses i.e. marketing their product. They lack in that area due to several reasons such as lack of funds, lack of time and knowledge or fast pace with which the market is moving. Today the value of token of Balehubucks token is 1 BUX=0.0004ETH.

The Balehubucks platform is decentralized platform that uses smart contracts. The community elements play a role in channelizing the communication. The backers are users such as promoters, sponsors etc who uses this platform. The merchants are business users who implement their marketing through software. The contributors use the codebase of this platform which act as an open source to encourage new projects and businessmen and provide additional support for marketing to the existing ones.



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  • Balehubucks is capable of rewarding the local commerce. Along with BUX, it also has a reward engine. The tokens purchased during ICO are transferable within the community. Both backers and merchants can earn the rewards and collect it or rather retain it for their future use.
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Token BUX
Price 1 ETH = 2,500 BUX
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap25,000 ETH
Hard cap74,000 ETH
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

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