It is a company related to the processing of the payment. This brand is dealing with some renowned clients including coca cola, NFL and Nike. This company was first launched in 2017. It is a New York-based company. They have employees from all over the world. They got the first offer from a client to visualization of real time and to manage the processing of payments in different departments. This company is trying hard to connect with the customers by giving demonstration through the internet.

The core team of this company is potent. Their developers are quite comfortable in dealing with blockchain. This brand is providing able managers and administrators in different banks, private firms and also in some financial organisations. This company is trying to develop itself in various aspects of natural resources, healthcare services and travel and food-related issues. This technology will give separate space for every expense of different categories like finance, accounts or even legal in asset managers. They aim to control and manage the back office related costs. Along with that, this company has different professional advisors who can give you an expert opinion regarding the market-related strategy which is very important and beneficial too.


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  • Gary R Markham
  • Founder & Chief Executive
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  • Andre L Wouansi
  • CFO
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  • Philip Knight
  • Program Director
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  • Sivakumar Jayabalan
  • Director - Business Development
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token AXP
PreICO Price 1 AXP = 0.07 USD
Price 0.10 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
Total Supply 350,000,000

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