Autonio is a decentralized artificially intelligent trading system that turns crypto-trading into a more rewarding and convenient practice. It’s a platform with a user-friendly GUI allowing its users to conveniently formulate the best strategy for trading and execute it. By making use of more than 25 trading indicators and rigorous market analysis it maximizes returns working tirelessly. The platform features a leader board that will rank the users based on the most rewarding strategy and optimizations which then can be bought and applied by other users via NIO tokens within the platform. Autonio offers assistance not only to an expert trader but also provides a safer and a smarter method to trade cryptocurrencies for non technical users. Make sense of a multitude of chaotic crypto assets with Autonio; Autonio AI Trading Assistant will be available in web or as downloadable p2p software for desktop as well as mobile platforms.

  • Details
  • The efficacy of AI has already been proven. We now have AI being used in a range of supportive technologies from security to medical research, natural disaster prediction and agriculture. Deep learning models are utilized to predict consumer behavior, traffic flow in urban centers, and Google’s AI AlphaGo bested World Go champion Lee Sedol in four out of five matches last year, a feat that until very recently was considered impossible. AUTONIO is the first decentralized AI-powered trading robots that deploys years of knowledge gained from Wall Street’s automated high frequency trading (HFT) industry making use of market indicators to analyze cryptocurrency trends in order to generate buy/sell signals and execute trades. Mimicking strategies honed by some of the biggest players on Wall Street, AUTONIO believes cryptocurrencies are a new class of assets ripe for conquering with intelligent machine learning algorithms and neural networks. Trading bots or algorithmic trading is a technique that uses pre-programmed software that analyzes market actions, such as time, price, orders, and volume. Within the cryptocurrencytrading arena, AI trading is still in its infancy. It either requires expensive membership and/or additional coding experience. Autonio stands-out tall amongst its competitors in several ways:
    • Firstly, its easy-to-use GUI does not need any coding or trading experience.
    • Secondly, it automatically combines multiple indicators into a single clear buy/sell signal and executes the trades in as high frequency as the user decides. To make its high speed buy / sell decisions, Autonio currently integrates 5 indicators that include EMA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Ultimate Oscillator, which are subsequently discussed. 25 more indicators are currently under development and will be integrated subsequent to ICO funding.
    • Thirdly, the users can personalize and optimize their trading strategies by combining the trading indicators to maximize their returns. Basically users can design their own investment / divestment strategies and let AUTONIO do the rest on their behalf.
    • Fourthly, the AUTONIO platform allows users to back test each of their alternative strategies and chose the one with highest returns.
    • Fifthly, the Autonio platform publishes an Official NIO Trading Championship Leaderboard that dynamically lists the top trading strategies. Leaderboards are not only fun way to drive competition among users, but the NIO Championship  Leaderboard goes a step ahead and makes it more exciting and profitable by allowing the NIO Champion strategies to be bought, sold, leased, traded among the participating traders within a decentralized system in exchange for NIO Tokens using smart contracts. Thus allowing traders to boost their returns by using the most profitable strategy designed by the expert traders. Potential users can get a flavor of this feature during Autonio presale campaign by winning bounties for topping the leaderboard.
    • Finally, there are still more exciting features and expansion plans that we are keeping under wraps for now. Expect some major new feature announcement subsequent to the ICO.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token NIO
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Tokens for sale 179,200,000

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Distributed in ICO 70%
    Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
    Raised Unknown


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Ali Raheman
  • Project Manager
  • Parth Darji
  • Head of Technology
  • Michael Morton
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Mohideen Zakaria
  • Head of Analytics
  • Shura Vasina
  • Head of Designing
  • Adlin Ho
  • Head of Communications
  • Ismail Malik
  • BlockchainLab Founder
  • Andrew Wagner
  • Director of Public Relations for the Bitcoin Cooperative
  • James Drake
  • CEO of Embermine
  • Rishi Raj Singh
  • Lawyer for legal consultation
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Token NIO
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap10,000,000 USD
Category Business services

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