AuthenticID fuses state-of-the-art identity authentication with real-time identity data analytics to allow you to segment your customers by opportunity value. We do this with frictionless consumer friendly mobile technology in a lightning-fast 20 seconds, leveraging the automated technologies of machine learning and neural networks.

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  • Today, we have first-mile technology to verify a person’s real-world identity and determine if that person is present in the context of a particular transaction/interaction. Our machine learning algorithms compare a person’s ID against a global library of government-issued ID documents from 192 countries – including over 3,400 identity document types. In 10 seconds or less, we can conduct an identity authentication using our platform: 1. Detect if an ID document is genuine or has been tampered with. Fraudsters can’t simply grab an ID off the Internet, swap headshot photos and pretend to be someone else. We can detect paper substitutes or digital images captured on a monitor. For us, the actual physical ID document must be used to pass an identity authentication. 2. Use biometrics and device-related factors to determine if the person whose picture is on the ID document is actually present. Facial recognition, liveness detection and other methods are key components. 3. Combine these factors as a trusted party to generate an Identity Trust Score to compare with business logic that automatically executes as a smart contract to ensure cryptographic compliance. This capability already exists and is available today as a centralized off chain API and will be the basis for AuthenticID’s Smart Identity Platform. As blockchains become more widespread, and doing business with strangers in the sharing economy becomes more prevalent, identity authentication needs to not just be automated – it needs to be driven by situationspecific business rules with specific business logic (smart contracts in the blockchain world). Rules for whether someone is old enough for a transaction, or whether they can be trusted to rent a room for the night need to be automated and affordable. That is where the AuthenticID vision is aligned with where the market and the needs are going.
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    Token ATHAU
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 0.15 USD
    Tokens for sale 250,000,000

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH
    Distributed in ICO 25%
    Hard cap 37,500,000 USD
    Raised Unknown


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  • Jim Karkanias
  • Artificial Intelligence
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  • Janet Lawless
  • Forensic Fraud
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  • Bharath Rao
  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
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  • Steve Bacastow
  • Payment Innovation
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  • Andy Singleton
  • Blockchain / Business Innovation
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  • Philip Lam
  • Trusted Identities
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  • Ken Moyle
  • Digital Transformation
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  • Stephen Harrington
  • Blockchain / Scientific Advisor
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  • R. Bruce Reeves
  • Executive Chairman AuthenticID
  • Blair Cohen
  • Chief Evangelist & President AuthenticID
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  • Jeff S. Jani
  • EVP & COO AuthenticID
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  • Richard A. Huber Jr.
  • EVP & CTO AuthenticID
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  • Todd Reeves
  • VP of Finance & Admin AuthenticID
  • Jon Busey
  • InfoSec Director AuthenticID
  • Ric Merrifield
  • Customer Experience & Delivery AuthenticID
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  • Shawn Firminger
  • Project Manager AuthenticID
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  • Stephen Thwaits
  • VP of Product Management AuthenticID
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  • Allison Cassara
  • Visual & UI/UX Designer AuthenticID
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  • Kiran Kumar Tadaka
  • Director of Engineering AuthenticID
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  • Ashutosh Tiwari
  • Engineering Manager AuthenticID
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  • Paul Dhaliwal
  • Networking & Databases AuthenticID
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  • Raveendar Allaparthi
  • Lead Architect AuthenticID
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  • Satya Mallick
  • Computer Vision / Machine Learning AuthenticID
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  • Matt Flagg
  • Computer Vision / Machine Learning AuthenticID
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Price 0.15 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Hard cap37,500,000 USD
Category Business services , software

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