ARNA Panacea token is the unique solution and it is designed by the Ethereum and blockchain platform. It offers the new way of interacting and accessing for collecting the medical research data.  It provides the interested participants in the market of the cancer diagnosis. It allows you to store the medical research data easily for the future purposes. ARNA Company is located in the country of Russia.

With the help of the ARNA tokens, the token holders will have the ability to access the various health care services and data storage system of medical research for the purposes of professional medical uses. The token helps to improve the funds to start the new medical research. The ARNA Panacea token will accept the  ETH payment mode. The category of the ARNA Panacea token is drugs and Healthcare.

  • Details
  • The sale opening date     ARNA token is December 2017 and sale closing date is February 2018. The price of ARNA panacea token during 1 ARNA is 0.08 USD. The token is used for the patient who needs for test ARNA BC clinic, laboratories, partners and others all over the world. The test result will be provided to the patient with the platform of ARNA panacea on the smartphone app or website. The ARNA token is not only used for the service payment but also used to pay for the ARNA breast cancer test after the token release in the market. Most of the sponsors use the token to finance the clinical trials of cancer treatment.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 1 token = 0,00026 ETH
    10 tokens = 1 Breast Cancer Test
    1 BC test = 100 – 500$


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Egor Melnikov
  • Founder of the project, CEO
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  • George Nikitin
  • COO, co-founder and blockchain platform ideologist
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  • Dmitry Kulish
  • Candidate of Biological Sciences
  • Anatoliy Melnikov
  • scientific supervisor and creator of the ARNA BC test
  • Ilya Senechkin
  • PhD, Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Sergey Chernyshev
  • Ph.D., molecular biotechnologist
  • Magomed Chatuev
  • Software architect and developer
  • Sergey Dolgachev
  • Entrepreneur and co-owner
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Token ARNA
Price 1 ARNA = 0.08 USD
Platform Ethereum,Blockchain
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap40,000,000 USD
Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply 40,000,000
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