Arker is the first RPG online video game that rewards the user with a cryptocurrency. The coin can be used both inside the video game – in exchange for objects that will allow you to progress faster – as well as outside it; as one more currency to use to get goods or services on the internet.

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  • After the success of platforms based on the blockchain technology, more and more services are adding the use of this technology in order to offer the user a service with decentralization as an added value. From Arker Labs​, we have been working for the last few months to bring the first game that rewards the user for playing with a real benefit instead of a resource whose only use is in the game itself. So, thanks to the blockchain technology, Arker is the first video game that rewards the user with a decentralized cryptocurrency that we called Arker Coin.​ This cryptocurrency can be used by the player within the game as a resource - to obtain new objects and / or benefits that allow them to progress faster; but can also be used outside the game to get goods or services on the internet. The issue of the Arker Coin will be made as a token of the Waves platform, one of the largest and leading networks based on blockchain; which, thanks to its complete ecosystem, will streamline the development of the project and provide a solid and secure network of nodes. As well, it will provide the project with a token that will support, immediately after its issuance, all the technologies of the platform such as the decentralized exchange market (DEX), leasing or Smart contracts.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token ARKER
    Platform Waves
    Price in ICO Distributed in proportion of the investment


    Day 1-2 15%
    Day 3-7 12%
    Day 8-14 10%
    Tokens for sale 3,500,000

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH, WAVES, Fiat
    Distributed in ICO 35%
    Soft cap 60,000 EUR
    Raised Unknown


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  • Juanjo Chust
  • Founder / CEO
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  • Aaron Martínez
  • Operations
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  • Nelson Marco
  • Social / Systems
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  • Jose Ignacio Rubio
  • Technologies
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  • Carlos Santamaria
  • Design Architect / Creator of worlds
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  • Filippo Florian
  • Market analyst / Advisor at CreativeChain
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  • Marco Domingo
  • CEO / Co-founder at Catness Games
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  • Vicent Nos
  • CEO / Co-founder at Chip-Chap
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  • Cristian Stan
  • CTO / Co-founder at Park&Go
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  • Manolo Cruzado
  • Front-end Developer at CreativeChain
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  • Jose Felip
  • CEO
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Price Distributed in proportion of the investment
Platform Waves
AcceptingBTC, ETH, WAVES, Fiat
Soft cap60,000 EUR
Category Events & Entertainment
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