Smart-Link connecting owners, assets & brands. The first perpetual, anonymous and trusted record of all global assets, enabling a revolutionary link between owners and brands. ERC-721 non-fungible tokens based on an Ethereum compatible blockchain.


Name Position Links
Emmanuelle ColletMarketing Add me on LinkedIn
Julien RomanettoProduct Add me on LinkedIn
Alexandre CognardTechnical Add me on LinkedIn
Christian JorgeOperations Add me on LinkedIn
Fréderic MontagnonChairman Board Member Add me on LinkedIn
Jean-Marc BellaicheBusiness Development Add me on LinkedIn
Luc JodetBusiness Architecture Add me on LinkedIn
Gregory PouyBrand Evangelist Add me on LinkedIn
Julien AbrielProduct Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Fabrice EzzineLead Back End Add me on LinkedIn

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Starts in 18 days 23 hours

2018-10-10 - 2019-01-01
Token ARIA
Price 1 ARIA = 0.00003500 BTC
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap20 000 000 USD
Restricted areas USA
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply 273,853,125

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