Arcona unites the virtual and physical world. A digital land augmented reality is created by Arcona. The everyday user can be benefitted by it.

Main features of the Arcona ecosystem

Good setup

Without leaving your home, you can own virtual projects by sitting in any corner of the world with the help of Arcona. Select the places that are most visited and the most popular. Your digital land can be utilized by you for creating whole worlds, digitally.

Trade building

The Arcona platform opens up the window of the world market for you. Here you can conveniently buy, rent and sell your personal digital land. You can earn money by showcasing your creativity, by selling incredible content.

Safety of property

Property rights are guaranteed by blockchain’s smart contract. The royalty payment is automated by the system to the creators of content, and the owners of online assets get rents.

Arcona’s Digital Land

Arcona ecosystem’s primary asset is the digital land, built on blockchain’s principles. The Ethereum smart contract determines the rules of land use. With the use of the ERC20 token, you can purchase a lot for yourself.

Owning digital land is not only a profitable business but also an exciting experience. You can decorate your property situated in another continent and also use it for any commercial purpose.


Name Position Links
Ilia KorguzalovProject lead
Diana SorinaMarketing
Aleks ZaulichnyyCTO
Tania ChernikhResearcher & PR
Nicolay MelnikAR Evangelist
Daniel GirdeaAR Evangelist
Alex EmelianoivR&D Team lead
Igor RozdestvenskyR&D Mentor
Evgenia BaryninaMarketing
Jana Savinykh2D, 3D Artist
Ivan ShabetnykDeveloper
Vladimir Stishkin3D artist

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