At present times, nobody can imagine the life devoid of the internet. There are innumerable uses of the internet in our several activities. More than 50% of the population of our earth is actively using the internet. The number of smartphones with internet facilities is more than the total number of residents of the world at present.

The business preferences and lifestyle of common people have been changed. The growth rate on yearly basis of IP traffic has become 25%, an output of insatiable appetites of the companies and users for advanced services.

So, the data storage demands increase. As the volume of products in multimedia increases, more space for storage is required. It explains why and how cloud storage has emerged as the segment in the data storage market to develop dynamically. The company’s transition has taken place from traditional services to advanced cloud services. It directly increases the growth rate in the cloud services of the world. Compared to the conventional modes of services, the cloud services are not only more comfortable to use but also comparatively inexpensive.

The valuable assets will be wholly secure in the ArchiCoin platform, both for businesses and simple users. Tech fans will get ample scope for earning money in this ecosystem.


Kairat EgemberdievCEO
Kanat DjamalbekovBusiness Manager
Nathan AdamsonProject Manager
Ilia NiFrontend Developer
Sultanbek BaibagyshevSoftware Developer

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12 days 18 hours left

2018-04-10 - 2018-05-10
PreICO Price1 ARCHI = 0.001 USD
Price1 ARCHI = 0.002 USD
Minimum investment100 USD
Hard cap30000000 USD
Category Payments
Total Supply30,000,000

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