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APX is one of the popular tokens for business service, cryptocurrency. It is developed by the Ubiq platform. It is the famous blockchain solutions company that provides the huge range of the services related to the industry of blockchains such as hashing solutions, consultation services, thorough cryptocurrencies analysis, and other services. The starting date of the APX token for selling is 1st May 2017 and ending date is 21st May 2017. The hard cap of the APX token is 1500 BTC.

APX Ventures are supporting the different APX Ecosystem such as buyback and burn program, use with the mining operations, use on the Crypto Review, use on other projects which funds of APX Ventures. APX token is needed to access the various services within the ecosystem of APX. It is supported by the APX Ventures and it helps you reduce cost on the business service. Most of the services are provided by the APX Ventures that they will accept the APX at the discount with the help of the APX token.

  • Details
  • APX token is the ERC20 token that is secured by the UBQ network. The APX is created by the APX Ventures that is the blockchain project. The APX Ventures provide the continuous development and support for the APX products. The platform review for the digital assets and cryptocurrencies is under the development of the mining facilities. due to the free market, the individuals are free to do when using the APX. It accesses to discount mining the contracts.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Sold tokens900,000 Updated on 28th Sep 2017 11:59:02

    Investment info

    Hard cap1500 BTC
    Raised$2,749,185  1,500.00000000 BTC
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Hard cap1500 BTC
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