One of the most revolutionary online marketplacesis AntiqMall where one can buy and sell antiques from Europe and USA. This technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform, which is sure to bring about an active growth globally by attracting strong investors to its niche. AntiqMall is a decentralized platform which began its operation in Russia for trading that offers attractive offers and is all about providing access to objects of art to worldwide dealers of antiques.


The items can be bought with tokens that has value of 1000AMT=1ETH. It is an upcoming technology that will help to conclude deals quickly without fuss at a very low cost and is safe. It is a ready-made project that is functioning soundly and has passed all the stages. It gearing up for global scaling and is ready to make a mark in the world of antiques. AntiqMall has online projects that solves the problems of the market and makes accessible and transparent.

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  • It gives access to easy fuss free transaction by allowing one to make payment with Fiat money, AntiqMall Tokens or other crypto-currencies. It offers services and attracts and encourages the users to actively participate in the transaction made and activity within the project. It is for the first time that it is possible for one to integrate the crypto-community with the antiques market. It is a revolution in its own way and has ranked first in the world of antique exchange. The other benefits of AntiqMall are that it is hassle free, minimal charges and secure.


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  • Dmitry Kuznetsov
  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • Konstantin Pokrovskiy
  • COO and Co-Founder
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  • Alexey Bystrov
  • Logistics
  • Alexander Korzin
  • Logistics
  • Alex Pinkevych
  • Developer
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  • Alexander Gnatyk
  • Developer
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Token AMT
Price 1000 AMT = 1 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap6000 ETH
Category Business services
Total Supply 7,500,000
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