Anryze is one of the types of token. The Anryze distributed network is a globally distributed computing power. And this power is used for the Natural Language Processing. The company helps the people to record their voice communications into the text within 1 click. As well as they provide companies with a simple, easy and cheap solution for the speech recognition.

The company started the journey with the speech recognition systems around 5 years ago. It is used to create the world’s first eyes and hands-free application to utilize the twitter. After that, the company has created two more startups with the speech recognition. The Anryze Distributed Network is the decentralized computing power network for Speech Recognition which allows customers to get the best and right quality of audio transcription with the reasonable costs.

  • Details
  • The token is in the form of RYZ. The current price of the token is the 0.02 USD. The platform available in the token is the waves. This token accepts the currency of BTC, LTC, WAVES, ETH, and ETC. The category of the token is cryptocurrency and it is located in the country of Russia. The soft cap for this token is 1,600,000 USD and hard cap is 6,000,000 USD. The token for the sale is 331,700,000.
    The Anryze Distributed Network is a peer-to-peer distributed computing network which is used for the neural network education and speech recognition. And itallows users to record audio files without dependenceon third party supplierssuch as the Google or Amazon.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token RYZ
    Platform Waves
    Price in ICO 0.02 USD
    Tokens for sale 331,700,000

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, WAVES, ETC
    Distributed in ICO 93.9%
    Soft cap 1,600,000 USD
    Hard cap 6,000,000 USD
    Raised $1,600,000


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Anton Gera
  • Founder, serial entrepreneur, CEO at Anryze
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  • Oleg Zaychuk
  • Dev-ops/system architect
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  • Oleg Fedosenko
  • Machine learning and AI development
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  • Max Kudymets
  • Project Manager
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  • Alex Pogrebenniy
  • Back-end developer
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  • Oleksii Leontiev
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Tokyo
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  • Sergey Levashkin
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University
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  • Anton Karpenko
  • Back-end developer
  • Mike Ezhov
  • Founder, entrepreneur, CMO at Anryze
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  • Kseniia Raietska
  • Adviser, Ambisafe Services
  • Serge Milman
  • Adviser, Dellwood Capital Hedge fund
  • Oleksii Matiiasevych
  • White Hat Group, Engineering Project Manager at Ambisafe
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token RYZ
Price 0.02 USD
Platform Waves
Soft cap1,600,000 USD
Hard cap6,000,000 USD
Category CryptoCurrency
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