Amon or crypto debit card for daily use is for everyone to use. Its crypto wallet is multi-currency and is powerful as it has artificial intelligence, which provides crypto holder’s best value for day-to-day purchases. Being based on Ethereum platform it has capacity to solve two main problems related to crypto spending i.e. it deals with crypto volatility and helps in real time conversion.It is a wallet that manages all the crypto-currencies at one single place without any hassle. This has made it easy for everyone to use crypto-currencies in everyday life and that is a revolution in itself.Based out of Estonia, the company operates globally but is restricted in China and USA.

Today the global value of Amon token is 1AMN=0.5usd. It has a very hi-tech process. The wallet converts crypto currencies to fiat fast and with feasible exchange rates. One can use their phone, sign in with their fingerprint or else use Amon Card. One can pay or withdraw anytime anywhere with this card as MasterCard or VISA are acceptable.

The company has partnered with worldwide-recognized security company known as Ixonn.


  • Details
  • They have been working together for exchanges and banks to secure the transaction. The wallet is secured at the protocol level with multi- signature specialty to protect the account from fraudulent actions, security breaches and corruptions. It saves your time and money by performing best conversion of the currency to give you maximum benefit at the time of payment. It moreover solves fluctuation or volatility problem without much of a fuss.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Private ICO (March 1 & 2) 25% Bonus + Amon Gold CardrnICO (Mar 4th to Mar11th) 15% Bonus + Amon Gold Card*rnICO (Mar 12th to Mar19th)10% Bonus + Amon Gold Card*rnICO (Mar 20th to Mar27th) 5% Bonus + Amon Gold Card*rnICO (Mar 27th to Apr4th) Amon Gold Card*
  • Distribution
  • 30% Token Sale 27% Reserve Capital 25% Founders - Vested 3 years with 6 month release program starting from the 2nd year 10% Team - Vested 1 years 5% Advisors - Vested 6 month 3% Bounty Programs


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Daniele Izzo
  • Co-Founder and CEO
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  • Cristian Izzo
  • Co-Founder and CTO
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  • Valerio Sudrio
  • Co-Founder and CMO
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  • Samantha jewel
  • Co-Founder and Advisor / Investor
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  • Abdullah Salim
  • Digital Marketing Expert
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  • Pacien Boisson
  • Lead BackEnd developer
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  • Jules Goulle
  • Software architect
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  • Koysta
  • UX-UI Designer
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  • Leonard Parker
  • Community Manager
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Token AMN
Price 1 AMN Token = 0.05USD
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC , ETH
Soft cap3.000.000 USD
Hard cap25.000.000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 500
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