ALTTEX is a decentralised exchange, with Smart Safe and personalised crypto- messenger, all on a digitalised platform.  The crypto messenger is designed in such a way that it allows one to be in touch with their contacts irrespective of wherever they are through private chat, creating group for public &different channels within the application and sell them for crypto-currencies. Based in UK, this platform is developed using Ethereum blockcahin. Today the value of Altex token is 1ALTX=0.7-1.0 USD.

Cryptocurrency for purchase purpose will be made available at the click of the button by using only the bank card details of the bank holder. It has been designed for Touch ID and face ID technology in mobile devices. This enhances the security of the transaction made. The Smart Safe has been developed in smarter way and has helped cryptocurrency capitalization to grow ten folds in the recent times. Only a small percentage of users were capable of saving crypto-currencies at one secure location. So, to overcome that problem Smart safe was developed with special inbuilt applications. It is available with a number of benefits like notifications for changes in crypto currencies or profit for the select period on current basis.

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  • It simply builds collaboration among users network with the help of go through messenger. The best thing is that it is compatible with IOS, Android and Windows as well. It deals with exchange, has messenger to chat with and safe to smartly manage one’s currencies. It is known to combine the advanced Blockchain technologies and for good. Thogh, the tokens have a global presence, there are few countries where they are restricted such as USA, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, China.


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  • Yevhenii Meita
  • Founder and CEO
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  • Oleh Shpach
  • Co Founder
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  • Arifov Eldar
  • CFO
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  • Alina Lisova
  • Chief Public Relations Officer
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  • Alisa Khabarova
  • Art Director
  • Timur Isaev
  • CTO
  • Nazar Pavliv
  • Development Manager
  • Svetlana Timoschuk
  • CE Marketing Optimizations
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Token ALTX
PreICO Price1 ALTX = 0.5 USD
Price 1 ALTX = 0.7 - 1 USD
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment100 $
Soft cap4,000,000 $
Hard cap20,000,000 $
Restricted areas USA, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, China
Category Identity & Reputation
Total Supply 24,999,999
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