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ALMBank or Asset Liability Management banking is a user driven job market for ICO labor pool. It is a work place that is created for freelancers or people looking for crypto jobs without charging anything. It can be called a new form of charitable culture and employment within the crypto-community. Based in Saint Lucia,the platform works on the Ethereum blockchain.Today the value of ALMBANK token is1ETH=1000AALM.The platform accepts both ETH and BTC.

ALMBank provides meaningful jobs to the skilled people at no cost. ICO’s or Initial Coin Offering, through which funds are raised for new crypto currency venture helps in building functional and high level teams.

Our charitable market place is funded by these services and so makes them pioneer in this field. It is forming a sustainable crypto community along with one stop shop for anyone wanting to hire within the crypto. One can call it a crossroad process between risk management and strategic planning. It provides security from risk that arises from the interaction between assets and liabilities.

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  • The tokens are easily redeemable for worked hours. The ALM banking works on the barter system and the fees, for the work done, are paid in crypto. These crypto communities create ways to build dream projects that one must’ve thought of, through community up-voting. It covers both, prudential component and optimization role. Corporations and other large financial institutions have adopted its techniques and processes. ALM tokens will become the hiring currency in future.


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  • Austin Muhs
  • Founder & CEO
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  • Phillip Mccarty
  • Head of UX/UI Development
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  • Andy Fuhr
  • Head of Data Management/Cloud Security Infrastructure
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  • Pavel Rubin
  • Head of Token Development/Management
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  • Jisook Choi
  • Financial Consultant
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  • Rob Rukstalis
  • Marketing Consultant
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  • Faraz Khan
  • Marketing Consultant
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  • Nicholas Walker
  • Head of charity logistics
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  • Pilar Gut-Rod
  • Nonprofit community manager
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  • Michael Castleman
  • Digital content manager
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  • Volodymyr Biloshytskyi
  • Frontend developer
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  • Corey Feco
  • Head of Token Economics
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  • Kenn Palm
  • Head of Platform Development
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  • Amy Roiland
  • Head of ecommerce development
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  • Jessica S. Healy
  • Senior accounting manager
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  • Vicki Cruz
  • Senior hr manager
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Price1 ETH = 1000 AALM
Hard cap99999000 AALM
CountrySaint Lucia
Category charity
Total Supply99,999,000
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