The ALLSTOCKS is a distributed global stock exchange platform which aims to interface with all major stock exchanges and stock brokers around the world. It also allows the trading of crypto tokens backed by real financial assets. The network will create a decentralized system, which will allow all stakeholders trade with its ERC20 standardcompatible token. These backing assets will be held in an escrow account. Moreover, the network will allow users trade in financial assets (such as currencies and bonds) on Blockchain technology.


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  • ShaulAharon
  • Chairman Of The Board
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  • Elad Aharon
  • CEO
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  • Oren Nataf
  • CTO
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  • Kobi Aharon
  • CFO
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  • Sandra Lopez
  • CMO
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  • Michal Mizrachi
  • HR Manager
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  • G.M Al Imran
  • Team Leader of Infrastructure
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  • Omri Shabath
  • CDO
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 25,000,000

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