Algory Project is one of the popular multifunctional tools. It is used in the cryptocurrency market. This tool is specially designed with the efficiency of trading in mind. The category of the Algory Project token is trading and investing. The Algory Project is built on the Ethereum platform. The opening date of the Algory Project is December 2017 and the closing date is January 2018. It includes more than ten tools that tools make the investor more profitable and efficient trader.

The Algory Project Company is located in Poland. If anyone trades the cryptocurrencies, then you need the Algory. The algory is the famous actionable tool that developed for the individual crypto-traders around the world. The price of the Algory token during 1200 ALG is 1 ETH. It is founded by the traders for the investors and traders. The tool offers the investor an amazing and unique edge when they trading the cryptocurrencies. The company offers the best tools that filter and enhance the entire data on the fluctuations cryptocurrency price.

  • Details
  • The Algory token is restricted in the USA. You can get twenty percent bonus for the first whitelist. The Algory token is issued quickly after the ends of ICO. It accepts the ETH payment mode. The scanner of Algory will change the unique way users search the cryptocurrencies for investing and trading. It is created for the traders and investors who want to be fast. The user got a lot of thing in one place such as tweets, service, Reddit, and others.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Tomasz Przybycień
  • Co-founder
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  • Dominik Gordel
  • Co-founder
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  • Marcin Gordel
  • Blockchain & Software developer
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  • Jakub Jodłowski
  • Product & Software developer
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  • Wojciech Gordel
  • Product Manager
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  • Anna Przybycień
  • Marketing/PR
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  • Adam Stankiewicz
  • Product manager on Asian market
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  • Katarzyna Matysek
  • Customer Service Manager
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  • Przemysław Borecki
  • Trading View manager
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  • Emilia Rumińska
  • Media
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  • Piotr Wojtczak
  • Designer/Animator
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token ALG
Price 1200 ALG = 1 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Country Poland
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 64,200,000

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