AKM global presented a brand new global concept based on an environment friendly Bio food Restaurant. The waste free global concept is gaining a lot of limelight mostly due to the lack of harmful effects on our environment by omitting chemical as well as industrial waste during the food production. With its base in Germany, the AKM GLOBAL is ready to revolutionize the food industry by implementing Ethereum blockchain technology.

Complete automation of the preparation of food as well as the service processes is what sets the platform apart from other establishments in this field. The company can drastically reduce the operation costs and staff using this method of food production and processing. Also, the deployment of the blockchain technology for maintaining track in the company for everyday activities will certainly add to the company value by endowing the business with transparency of a high level and thus helps earn the trust of customers. This concept allows decreasing the total prime cost by a minimum of fifty percent.

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  • The major concept of AKM Smart Cook allows up to twenty-four different kinds of Pizzas to be prepared and served using the technology. A fully automated system of kitchen with order deliveries and disinfecting or cleaning systems carries out the process of preparing dishes immediately once the signal of a new order is received. The AKM Smart Cook also prepares and serves other dishes such as pastas, salads, drinks and desserts. As the food preparation only includes fresh ingredients off the local organic farm, the dishes turn out to be more delicious than other store bought packed pizza. The logistics service provides the company fresh ingredients every day.


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  • Founder & CEO
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  • Waldemar Albach
  • Head of Engineering department
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  • Andreas Erben
  • CNC Programmer
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  • Igor Block
  • Master of restaurant equipment/inventory
  • Nick Levin
  • Coordinator of technical service team
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  • Leoni Leglert
  • Marketing Communication Manager
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Token AKM
Price 1 ETH= 1250 AKM
Bounty In our opinion a bounty program is not needed for a good product as it is not professional advertisement for the product and company. The better alternative is content marketing, International PR, SMM etc.
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap6700 ETH
Hard cap50000000 USD
Category Supply & Logistics
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