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Aigang uses AIX token to automate the industry of insurance via IoT (Internet of Things) which can able to analyze their own operating state & communicate forthcoming failure along with crowdsourced information to evaluate risk factor. Moreover, the insurance claims will be analyzed and paid automatically. A new automated insurance system will make use of data gathered by IoT devices. However, the data can be gathered by sensors, cameras, and drones and it forwards those data towards crowdsourcing so as to use it for insurance calculations.

The tokenized system and smart contracts will be utilized by manufacturers and people to evaluate risk strategy & create automatic payouts. The current value of AIX for 1 ETH = 2300 AIX. It is available in Singapore on the platform of Ethereum. The combined data used by Aigant from crowd includes insurance enthusiast and subject specialists to create insurance pools and predictions depending upon the said predictions. These evaluations will be quite useful in evaluating insurance risk & create algorithms which will assess the premiums & also predict profit range.

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  • With this token system, all the holders will get incentives which offer accurate predictions in developing the network of token holders to reap the advantages of the effective automated insurance system. Aigang is planned to be a best-decentralized marketplace which allows you to invest your money in digital insurance and buy it without annoying.  Smart contracts on DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) will connect from insurance policies to intelligent devices. Smart devices seem to consider their insurance payouts, own maintenance which can occur automatically, the token can be sold automatically and re-insurance are used to manage exceptions.
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Price1 ETH = 2300 AIX
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