AIDA service is a reliable, decentralized and profitable automated platform that finds its application in various businesses that are related to selling a product or a service . With its foundation in Estonia, AIDA is established on a global level where it caters the service through means of peer-to-peer thereby eliminating all the intermediaries. The sixcore elements of AIDA are customer portal, factories management system, logistics management system, warehouse management system and partner management system.

AIDA has several solutions to offer such as:

  • Elimination of corruption at any stage right from placing the order to delivery
  • Managing the incoming/new orders and segmenting the different sections of an enterprise
  • The investment for sales and marketing can be optimized
  • The analytics produced through data is of good quality thus helps in optimizing the further planning
  • Verifying the manufacturers and distributors before registration
  • The shipped product can be tracked at every stage
  • No fee charged for subscription by both customers and suppliers
  • The platform is secure and the notifications are always on time
  • It is a great platform for ecommerce development

The token AID is based on Ethereum and has a bounty campaign available. The platform accepts both fiat and other crypto currencies such as BTC, LTC, and BCC. The value of AID in terms of USD is 1 AID= 0.25 USD). The platform uses smart contracts to regulate its SLA and offers honest rating system with loyalty programs. In order to make mutual settlements between two participants, crypto currency is used.
Rates and Bonuses
Form of Payment: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, USD Price: 1 USD = 4 AID tokens Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited Minimum transaction amount for fiat: 100 USD Minimum transaction amount for cryptocurrencies: 20 USD Maximum transaction amount for fiat: 500 USD Maximum transaction amount for cryptocurrencies: unlimited Number of tokens:infinitely Bonuses:from 27th of February- 25th of March - 10%, 26th of March-25th of April - 5% Return: up to 04.25.18 11:59 p.m, Only tokens purchased at this stage Return of bonuses: Will be returned at zero cost, after will be destroyed The number of attempts: 1


Name Position Links
Ualikhan NyssanovManaging Director Add me on LinkedIn
Denis GoncharenkoIT Director Add me on LinkedIn
Aizhan BiskembayevaCommercial Director Add me on LinkedIn
Arman KunsakovExecutive Director Add me on LinkedIn
Sergey KovalevskyHead of IT Department Add me on LinkedIn
Dinara KulikeshevaWeb-desiner Add me on LinkedIn
Tomiris NarimanovaWeb-developer Add me on LinkedIn
Kang De KhanWeb-developer Add me on LinkedIn
Samat UrmagambetovInvestor
Bazayev AskarWeb Developer Add me on LinkedIn
Аlpamys OrazmukhanbetWeb Developer Add me on LinkedIn
Svetlana KrukhmalyovaChief Operating Officer Add me on LinkedIn


Token AID
Price 1 USD = 4 AID
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, Fiat
Category Business services

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