Affiliate coin is a platform built on Ethereum network that uses smart contracts to create secure transactions through blockchain. Based out of UK, Affiliate Coin is revolutionizing the Affiliate Marketing rapidly. Conventional Affiliate network have been there in the market for last 25 years but due to some flaws it was not getting accepted. Today, affiliate coin is powered by the support and investment capacity and security, of the crypto currency. AffiliateCoin, backed by indisputability of Blockchain, gives the publishers and merchants an opportunity to maximize their revenue. Today the value of AFL token is 1 ETH=5000 AFL.

There have been a number of cases against the faults of Affiliate network like fraud, trust issues, sign-up fees, late /undisputed payments and so on. But, Affiliate coin is making a remarkable impact as they have the capability to eliminate fraud, increase trust in the market, transparent payments, and so on. They have been working on increasing security and have acquired the membership of CVA policy framework. This has increased the operating standards and has made the registration for new member simple and secure.

  • Details
  • Affiliate Coin is working on building platforms by plugging popular e-Commerce and CMS tools with the help of experienced team of engineers. This will help interaction between Merchants and publishers smooth. It is also scaling out new methods of ad deliverance such as augmented reality, Virtual reality, wearable technology and other smart devices. They are continuously working on coming up with advanced technology for their customer’s convenience.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token AFL
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    PreICO price 1 ETH = 7,000 AFL
    Price in ICO 1 ETH = 5,000 AFL

    Investment info

    Min. investment 0.01 ETH
    Accepting ETH
    Distributed in ICO 60%
    Soft cap 4,000 ETH
    Hard cap 350,000 ETH


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Mike Dodd
  • C.E.O, Co-founder & Chief Visionary
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  • Riccardo Ravaro
  • Chief Crypto Architect, Co-founder & Blockchain Evangelist
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  • Tom Cant
  • C.T.O, Co-founder & DevOps Evangelist
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  • Adrian Vide
  • Creative Director, Co-founder & Marketing Strategist
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  • Adam Babajee-Pycroft
  • User Experience Consultant
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  • Nic Rodgers
  • Senior Technical Consultant & LAMP Specialist
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  • Lee Kelly
  • UK Affiliate Marketing Business Leader
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  • Callum Hiscott
  • Blockchain evangelist
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  • Announced Shortly
  • ICO and Token Mechanics Expert
  • Tammy Harries
  • North American Digital Retail Advisor
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  • Breixo Mariño
  • European Affiliate Platform Expert
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  • Robert Gething
  • Platform Consultant & Early Blockchain Adopter
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  • Neil Bobbett
  • Global Tax & Accountancy Advisor
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  • Garth Davis
  • Print and Direct Marketing Advisor
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  • Announced Shortly
  • Blockchain Influencer
  • Announced Shortly
  • Video & Virtual Reality Marketing Business leader
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Token AFL
PreICO Price1 ETH = 7,000 AFL
Price 1 ETH = 5,000 AFL
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment0.01 ETH
Soft cap4,000 ETH
Hard cap350,000 ETH
Restricted areas USA, China, North Korea
Category Internet
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