Africunia is a digital bank project based on the concept of blockchain decentralized ledger technology. The country of location of the project is in the UK and no restriction for members from different companies to invest. – It’s a digital bank. Africunia operates on blockchain and ethereum platform and accepts payment using BTC ETH XRP LTC MIOTA, various and Fiat

The use of blockchain technology will ensure the digital bank offers both traditional bank services and connects the same with cryptocurrencies startups. Africuna will use AFCASH-its digital currency, which will be available for purchase in the Initial Coin Offering. The goal will be to bring investment, globalization and decentralization by narrowing the gap between fiat and crypto universes.

To curb the challenges with the use of blockchain, Africuna will apply the Consensus algorithm-byzantine general problem that’s capable to solve a couple of blockchain problem. An algorithm is applied with harsh graph technology –an alternative to the blockchain. More refurbishment to scale Africuna operation will use digital pass technology. This will standardize systems communication still ensuring there are trust and integrity with bank records.


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  • The digital pass will facilitate users and business to keep their data private/encrypted in which the same opened in a secure manner. The components of the digital pass will contain SSL certificates, blockchain information cards and OAuth2technology. The whole of the digital pass infrastructure will facilitate protection of personal data the decentralization of ledger, the use of internet of things and applied. I AFCASH will be equivalent to $0.01
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY: 500,000,000 AFCASHrnICO CIRCULATING SUPPLY: 500,000.000 AFCASHrnTOKEN PRICE: $0.10rnSOFT CAP: $2,000,000rnHARDCAP: $50,000,000


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  • Madeleine Winkler
  • Executive Secretary
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PreICO Price1 AFCASH = 0.10 USD
Price 1 AFCASH = 1.00 USD
Platform Ethereum,Blockchain
AcceptingBTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, MIOTA, Various Fiat
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap50,000,000 USD
CountryUnited Kingdom
Category Banking
Total Supply 500,000,000

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