Adshares is the end to end market for advertising.  The tokens used by millions of people nowadays.   The company provides programmatic advertising for any consumer.   The cryptocurrency is identified by using a symbol of ADST.  It is ethereum blockchain platform which helps to contribute to the high range of projects.

It promised to the revolution in the advertising field with the help of blockchain technology.  It comes with guidance how it works on advertising new products in the marketing environment.   It is mostly found on online that help publisher to advertise products to trade industry directly with no centralized risks.

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  • It is decentralize advertising tool in the digital marketing.  The company offers cryptocurrency to offer details of items on the market.   This company is located in the Marshall Islands.  Price of the token is 1 ADST = 0.004 ETH.  It is used for business services which supplied over 100000000 people.  It has no restricted area and operates by any kind of businesses.  In the advertising, it offers complete information about goods and services.
    Today, it works on block chain technology.   Each and every detail of products will be interacting direct to consumers.  Businesses achieve high profits by using the token. Lots of tokens are sold, so buy the token from the company to advertise your business in marketing.  The decentralized advertising field offers the good solution for publishers without spending many expenses.  The token is created with a specific algorithm to operate on any platform by clients to view details of certain products.


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  • Jacek Zemło
  • Dr Leszek Rychlewski
  • Maciej Kazmierczyk
  • Business Development
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token ADST
Price 1 ADST = 0.004 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Country Marshall Islands
Category Business services
Total Supply 10,000,000
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