AdMine is a new kind of cryptocurrency mining where it is not necessary to use computer capacity. The user gets coins for viewing ads on the Internet, evaluating product quality, providing personal data for analytical services, passing marketing quests and testing games.

Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Open
Category Manufectruing
Total Supply 65,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open


Name Position Links
Denis Kozik CTO
Max Voronkin COO
Vyacheslav Dmitriev Lead Blockchain Developer
Serhii Shum Digital Producer
Nadezhda Kustikova Head of PR and Media Integration
Natalia Shashkova Public Relations Manager
Vitaly Kriachek Public Relations Manager
Stanislav Ostanin Relationship Manager
Ani Avetisyan Lead Editor and Copywriter
Elena Dorotskaya Marketing manager
Idan Arditi Online Marketing Manager

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