The Adel is a global community which is self-sustained and it offers its own economic ecosystem with the token of Adelphoi. And token community focuses on the developing, creating and implementing use case with involving the blockchain technology. And it covers the huge range of industrial and digital industries.

The project type is Token and comes under the category of Cryptocurrency in the location of Czech Republic. And this token is in the form of the ADL. The platform used in the token is the Nxt.  The rates and bonus for this token are available. This token accepts only the BTC. This token has now risenupto the $1,672,391 BTC.

  • Details
  • The Project of the token is chosen by the group of people and successful ventures are any re-invested for the further growth of the company. And this token is the community-based project funding platform. This token is issued as the rewards to the Adel stakeholders. This token is used for creating the opportunities for the blockchain innovation technology.
    The Adel has decided to create a separate partial liability company which is called as the Adel Ecosystem Limited. This company was built in order to establish the clear legal structure for Adel Services and the community. The decision was taken by the community to set up the clear legal and tax organization in connection with the crowdfunding which will fuel the blockchain innovation. And the Adelphoi token community maintains the long-term viable incubator and secure for the blockchain technology investment.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token ADL
    Platform Nxt

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC
    Raised $1,672,391  430.90000000 BTC
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Token ADL
Platform Nxt
CountryCzech Republic
Category Finance

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