Adbank is one of the powerful online ad platforms. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and main aim for designing this platform is removing the middlemen. It helps to reduce fifty billion dollars problem of advertisement fraud by using the latest AI technology.

The category of the token is Finance and commodities. The existing advertisement platforms use the anti-fraud AI tools with this platform that is powered with the ADB tokens. For first twenty-four hours, you can purchase the Adbank token with twenty percent discount.

Some of the countries cannot useAdbank tokens such as Singapore, United States, Indonesia, Afghanistan, South Korea, Libya, Taiwan, Yemen, and others. The onus is available for the Adbank token. The price of Adbank token during 1 ETH is 30,000 ADB. The company is located in Canada.

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    With the help of the Adbank platform, the advertisers get paid for their ad and content when they charging the advertisers lower. This platform creates the transparent ecosystem between the business owners and advertisers that are benefits for all the stakeholders in the sector. It covers the lot of the anti-fraud techniques with accessing the user logs, image, web page rendering, ad database, blockchain transaction and others. It can detect a different kind of fraud. This platform is working to create the latest collection of techniques to catch the smartphone application based ad fraud. The Adbank application detects the fraud activity and sends the data back to the antifraud AI and ban the criminals.


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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token ADB
Price 1 ETH = 30,000 ADB
Platform Ethereum
Country Canada
Category Commodities , Finance
Total Supply 510,000,000
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