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Acomobase is the world’s first Blockchain based marketplace to facilitate seamless and personalized travel. This is state-of-the-art but easy to use platform where traveler will get the accommodation without any middleman. The Acomobase is aimed to develop to make the travel sector transparent and eliminate the third party while booking the room.

The notable features of Acomobase:

  • Due to the Blockchain technology Acomobase is transparent. Anyone in the Acomobase circle can see the transaction so there is no chance of fraud or scam.
  • Acomobase is highly secure, so there is no chance of hacking or any malicious attack.

The Acomobase Token:

The Acomobase token is developed using Blockchain technology. This is a highly secured platform where users can store their money in personal digital wallet confidentially and privately.  At the transaction process, money from the sending account will be transferred directly to the recipient, without any intermediaries involved. Acomobase will withhold only a small fee, and the transfer will be direct and fast.Following point will clear your concept.

  • The accepted currency during the presale and crowdsale is Ether.
  • The creation will be capped (hard cap) upon receipt of 87,500 ETH.

The token presale period will last 8 weeks and the token crowdsale period will last 4 weeks unless hard cap is reached sooner.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Alketas Malioukis
  • CEO
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  • Zenos Pavlakou
  • Software Engineer
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  • Jiri Svoboda
  • Finance Officer
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  • Iulia Lazea
  • Business Development
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  • Alexandros Malioukis
  • Community Manager
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  • Svatopluk Cech
  • Software Engineer
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  • Jan Weber
  • Acquisition Manager
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  • Alex Kappas
  • Marketing Manager
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PreICO Price1 ACO = 0.01 ETH
Price1 ACO = 0.007 - 0.0045 ETH
Soft cap3.000 ETH
Hard cap87.500 ETH
Category Travel & Tourisim
Total Supply140,000,000
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