The A2BTaxi platform aims to connect customers with accredited and professional drivers. The use of mobile application will make it easier for consumers to locate drivers- with drivers using the platform to manage their business. The A2B Taxi platform will apply the use of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to revamp the taxi industry. The use of blockchain technology will improve the use of mobile application still input use of cryptocurrencies in the system

Blockchain will provide detailed information about the licensed cars and drivers to the clients. Customers will investigate the technical characteristic of the car and get an in-depth driver information which guarantees client safety while in transit. Blockchain technology will shun away data manipulation by drivers. Third party providers-authorized-will provide all prerequisite information needed to guarantee clients safety.

A2B will upload the pricing and trip payment history in the distributed ledger with all information pertaining all journey. Drivers and customers will be aware of what fee to charge and pay respectively since the blockchain architecture will capture the presentation, service and data. The data layer will store all data in the system, service layer will implement business logic and presentation layer will bring a direct interface to the end user. There is no way any user in the A2B system can bypass the system to manipulate data as it will be secured with blockchain cryptography

  • Details
  • There will be a mobile application for clients and drivers as well as tablet application for hotels. The nature of the A2B tokens will be sold as digital assets and will not have redemption as debt securities. The A2B Taxi technology is located in Lithuania with the value of a single token on ethereum platform being 1ETH=12500 tokens. You can purchase the tokens by using ETH BTC USD $EUR.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    • Token
    • TAXI
    • Platform
    • Ethereum
    • Type
    • ERC20
    • PreICO price
    • 1ETH = 12500 TAXI
    • Price in ICO
    • 1ETH = 11500 - 10000 TAXI
    • Tokens for sale
    • 300,000,000

    Investment info

    • Accepting
    • ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
    • Distributed in ICO
    • 50%
    • Hard cap
    • 50000000 TAXI


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Tomas Peleckas
  • Founder A2B
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  • Vytautas Kaseta
  • Blockchain Advisor
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  • Sercan Saylik
  • Business Lead
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  • Aiste Veberaite
  • Communication consultant
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  • Tomas Stasiulevicius
  • Art Director
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  • Mindaugas Songaila
  • Design Lead
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  • Vilius Virbickas
  • Legal Advisor
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  • Diana Urbonienė
  • Legal advisor | Fintechs&Finance
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  • Pavel Ivanov
  • Backend Developer
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  • Jonas Ragaisis
  • App developer
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  • Viktors Chumachenko
  • Frontend Developer
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  • Carlo Verso
  • UI/UX designer
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  • Andrejs Ivanovs
  • Senior Data Analyst
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  • Ivona Vebriene
  • Support Coordinator
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  • Gediminas Butavicius
  • Operations Automation
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  • Nerijus Radzius
  • Fleet Lead
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Token TAXI
PreICO Price1ETH = 12500 TAXI
Price 1ETH = 11500 - 10000 TAXI
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD, EUR
Hard cap50000000 TAXI
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Category CryptoCurrency
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