7ype is considered as the unique, innovative method and forward thinking for creating feature films which are financed by fans and supporters. This system avoids the pitfalls and combines the benefits of crowdfunding contributions in terms of film investing. As a result, the support will be shared with the film success. This Token type is highly prevalent in the UK. The current value of 7ype preICO Price = 15.56 USD.  Our ICO calendar page will give you full list of ended, upcoming and live token details.

7ype is the famous ethereum platform based cryptocurrency token used for film production. 7ype can able to create an ever-growing schedule of feature films using ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens. The coins of 7ype are restricted to a small pool that will never be raised & the film produced will have a huge budget & more star power so that the coins will increase in terms of trade value or resale over time. Moreover, the film supporters can make use of 7ype tokens to avail their name in terms of credits, limited edition Blu-rays or DVDs and invites to premier screenings.

  • Details
  • The user can select to spend their 7ype coins in order to support the movie which they are interested. When the movie get completed eventually & turns a profit then the coins will be returned to you. By using the returned coin, you can spend on another film or else resold and traded to other people who wish to spend them in a profitable way. The total amount of coins created in 7ype is 100,000. The ICO will share 50% of the share with the public. When the coins are sold, profits on each film will go to the investors.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token 7ype
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 15.56 USD
    Tokens for sale 50,000

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Raised $240,872 778.01000000 ETH
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token 7ype
PreICO Price15.56 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Events & Entertainment

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