4NEW blockchain platform anticipates providing a solution by focusing on proper waste management, energy shortfall and voracious. The 4New tokens will facilitate payment on the block chain network on ethereum platform and will compensate companies that recycle waste products. The location of the tokens is in UK and price for a single token is 1ETH=170-264FRNC. The tokens will facilitate payment to the waste processed by different companies

4NEW will collect waste products process and generate energy. This will be applied to crypto mining process-which consumes a lot of energy. The overall goal is to reduce the amount of energy consumption with crypto mining. 4 NEW will be an energy producer platform not an exchange platform for energy. The 4NEW system will enable the staking of KWATT tokens that will facilitate the transaction on the blockchain network

There are two major problems that 4New anticipate to solve. Waste Surplus and Energy shortfall. The application of the blockchain system will cover waste supply chain and harness energy from different sectors.  The KWATT coin representing a hashing capacity per coin and ensure no energy fees charged for mining. The latter implies that energy harnessed will be free to the coin holders.

The 4NEW will sustain itself by getting paid for the waste processed, the sale of the waste by-products like fertilizer, clean water and other organic products. The coin sale will be a privy source of revenue to the project as well as revenue collected from the sale of waste by-products.
Rates and Bonuses

Token info

Token FRNC
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 170-264 FRNC


17th October to 23rd October, 2017 55%
24th October to 31st October, 2017 40%
1st November to 14th November, 2017 30%

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 75%


Name Position Links
Matt O'DonnellPayments & Blockchain Specialist Add me on LinkedIn
Richard ToddWaste specialist Add me on LinkedIn
J T RaoSmart Meter Solutions Add me on LinkedIn
Ashraf AghaTreasury & Blockchain Specialist Add me on LinkedIn
Marcus UblBusiness Advisory Add me on LinkedIn
Darshana UblBusiness Advisory Add me on LinkedIn
Victor BuchananWaste to Energy Add me on LinkedIn
Andrew SpringettWaste to Energy
Sandeep GolechhaCEO Add me on LinkedIn
Peter TeasdaleCOO
Michael LiburdCMO Add me on LinkedIn
Darren StonesCIO Add me on LinkedIn
Madeleine TeasdaleBusiness Development Add me on LinkedIn
Kaustuv GhoshBlockchain Specialist Add me on LinkedIn
Varun DattaFounder & Chairman Add me on LinkedIn


Token FRNC
Price 1 ETH = 170-264 FRNC
Platform Ethereum
Category Infrastructure

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