In the present scenario, there have been many tokens available in the crypto ecosystem. But the 300 Token has freshly become a part of the history and one of the first Minereum tokens.

300 token is one of the first ERC20 tokens which is created with the Minereum Token creation services. And this Token was created in memory of the 300 simple Soldiers from the Battle of Thermopylae. The supply of the token is only limited to the 300. The fight of Thermopylae was fought between the associations of Greek city-states. This state was lead by the King Leonidas of Sparta, and the Persian Empire of Xerxes. And it is done during the second Persian attack of Greece. It is really a very attractive motivation for the 300 token. The (300) token is listed on many exchange, you can watch our 400+ coin compare page

  • Details
  • The project type is Token and comes under the category of Cryptocurrency. The type of the 300 token is the ERC20. The platform used in this token is Ethereum.  The bonus for this token is available. The current price of the 300 token is the 79.16 USD. The token only accepts the ETH.
    The 300 token is beginning the small ICO to raise some funds to the list the token on the exchange. And it is used to create the multi-functional website and much more. For many tokens, the main problem is their market cap. As well as these could be huge, like those of bitcoin and Ethereum. If the ICO become successfully the 300 token will raise 63 ETH. And it will be used to list the token on the website, exchange.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Price in ICO79.76 USD
    Tokens for sale300
    Sold tokens210 Updated on 28th Sep 2017 11:40:44

    Investment info

    Raised$16,724   63.00000000 ETH
Trade Token on Bitcratic
PreICO Price79.76 USD
Category CryptoCurrency

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