Platforms for crypto-coins, and also without the risks inherent in the lack of crypto-knowledge. You can be part of a community that builds an ecosystem of projects, both in crypto and in classical businesses. Experienced traders will manage the crypto-funds, but also the 1KCoin financial ecosystem will include classical projects voted by the community, and those who get the majority of votes will be funded. Monthly earnings from all projects where community money was invested will be shared back into the community as dividends.


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  • Position
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  • Florin Achim Starchinuta
  • CEO/Fund Manager
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  • Manuel Martinez
  • COO
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  • Fouzi Rachdane
  • CTO
  • Ludmila Serghei
  • Business Manager
  • Jose Luis Garcia F
  • und Strategist
  • Fabian Ionel Strachinuta
  • Asst. Fund Manager
  • Anka Zidaru
  • Legal Consultant
  • Jorge Calvo
  • Institutional Relations and Expansion
  • Arturo Munoz Adeva
  • Advisor
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  • Javier Del Olmo
  • Advisor
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Platform Waves
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 11,000,000

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