0xcert is an open source, permission-less protocol for validating the existence, authenticity and ownership of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

  • Details
  • 0xcert is an open source, permission-less protocol for certified non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. These tokens are stored in cryptographic wallets and are owned by users. In addition to common functions for managing and transferring standard non-fungible tokens, the 0xcert protocol provides conventions for creating certified non-fungible tokens from unique digital assets. These tokens are called Xcerts and are created through a custom minting process. Xcerts represent standard non-fungible tokens, which also hold information about a real-world digital asset. With 0xcert protocol, we can validate a proof of existence, authenticity, and ownership of these digital assets without third-party involvement.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token ZXC
    Platform Ethereum
    Token Price 0.0001 ETH (0.047364 USD)
    Token for sale 250,000,000 ZXC
    Token supply 500,000,000 ZXC
    40% bonus: Private pre-ICO
    20-15% bonus: Private presale
    10% bonus: Public presale
    5-0% bonus: Crowdsale

    Investment info

    Soft cap 5,000 ETH (2,368,200 USD)
    Hard cap 20,000 ETH (9,472,800 USD)
    Accepting ETH


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Jure Zih
  • CEO
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  • Kristijan Sedlak
  • CTO
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  • Mitja Pirc
  • COO
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  • Urban Osvald
  • Head of Community
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  • Leon Panjtar
  • Full Stack Engineer
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  • Tadej Vengust
  • Solidity Developer
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  • David Ličen
  • Lead Front End Engineer
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  • Luka Kacil
  • Senior Blockchain Developer
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  • Nick Stein
  • Head of Content
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  • Miha Gams
  • Project Manager
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  • Petra Kosi
  • Marketing Manager
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  • Lenka Tušar
  • Content Creation
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  • Gregor Ažbe
  • Junior Front-end Developer
  • Jure Jakomin
  • Head of Growth
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  • Matic Užmah
  • Customer Success
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  • Anja Pukl
  • CFO
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  • Tomaž Železnikar
  • Community Manager
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  • Kim Fairley
  • Strategic Partnerships
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  • Romina Kavčič
  • Advisor for Design Strategy
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Token ZXC
Price 1 ZXC = 0.0475 USD (0.00010000 ETH)
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap5,000 ETH (2,368,200 USD)
Hard cap20,000 ETH (9,472,800 USD)
Whitelist/KYCWhitelist & KYC
Restricted areas China, New Zealand, United States of America
Category smart-contract
Bitcratic Decentralized Exchange

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