0xcert is an open source, permission-less protocol for validating the existence, authenticity and ownership of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

0xcert is an open source, permission-less protocol for certified non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. These tokens are stored in cryptographic wallets and are owned by users. In addition to common functions for managing and transferring standard non-fungible tokens, the 0xcert protocol provides conventions for creating certified non-fungible tokens from unique digital assets. These tokens are called Xcerts and are created through a custom minting process. Xcerts represent standard non-fungible tokens, which also hold information about a real-world digital asset. With 0xcert protocol, we can validate a proof of existence, authenticity, and ownership of these digital assets without third-party involvement.
Rates and Bonuses

Token info

Token ZXC
Platform Ethereum
Token Price 0.0001 ETH (0.047364 USD)
Token for sale 250,000,000 ZXC
Token supply 500,000,000 ZXC
40% bonus: Private pre-ICO
20-15% bonus: Private presale
10% bonus: Public presale
5-0% bonus: Crowdsale

Investment info

Soft cap 5,000 ETH (2,368,200 USD)
Hard cap 20,000 ETH (9,472,800 USD)
Accepting ETH


Name Position Links
Jure ZihCEO
Kristijan SedlakCTO
Mitja PircCOO
Urban OsvaldHead of Community
Leon PanjtarFull Stack Engineer
Tadej VengustSolidity Developer
David LičenLead Front End Engineer
Luka KacilSenior Blockchain Developer
Nick SteinHead of Content
Miha GamsProject Manager
Petra KosiMarketing Manager
Lenka TušarContent Creation
Gregor AžbeJunior Front-end Developer
Jure JakominHead of Growth
Matic UžmahCustomer Success
Anja PuklCFO
Tomaž ŽeleznikarCommunity Manager
Kim FairleyStrategic Partnerships
Romina KavčičAdvisor for Design Strategy


Token ZXC
Price 1 ZXC = 0.0475 USD (0.00010000 ETH)
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap5,000 ETH (2,368,200 USD)
Hard cap20,000 ETH (9,472,800 USD)
Whitelist/KYCWhitelist & KYC
Restricted areas China, New Zealand, United States of America

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