The ICO Rating and ICO Voting of CoinMarketPlus

Monday June 18, 2018

The market of ICO initial coin offering is highly volatile and in such market you have no precise information about any specific ICO or live toke sale. CoinMarketPlus is a trusted platform, where you will get genuine list of the best and top ICOs. The company has a dexterous team of professionals, who rate the ICOs on various parameters like white paper, the team behind the ICOs, the potential of ICOs in the market. Apart from the ICO rating, ICO voting is a new initiative that is started by the CoinMarketPlus; it is the process where users vote their favorite ICO. In this way users get an exact idea that which ICO is worth investing. The rating process of CoinMarketPlus is transparent; our team go through the following process to rate the ICO.

The white paper of the ICO:

White Paper is the core part of ICO initial coin offerings. A professional startup mentions every facts and figures in White Paper. So the expert team of CoinMarketPlus checks the white paper meticulously before giving any rating.  While checking the white paper, we make sure that whole idea of the project is not copied from anywhere else and the concept is not stolen from any competitive website.

The professionalism of the company:

We also consider the professionalism of the company, before giving any rating.  Simply put, we ensure that particular company is genuine, strong and authentic social media presence on the various social media platforms. Apart from that we do deep research about the company and check the all aspects of the projects.

The team behind the project:

We make sure that the team behind the ICO project is well- experienced, genuine, and the decent knowledge of state-of-the-art technology Blockchain. Apart from that, we also consider their past achievements before giving rating.

After ICO rating, we have started ICO voting. This was one-of-a-kind initiative by us. The motive behind the ICO voting is to ensure the transparency in Initial Coin Offering and provide a better idea to investors about the ICO.  The process of ICO voting is a very simple user just need to navigate the ICO calendar page and participate in voting. ICO that receives maximum number of votes consider as the most reliable and worth investing ICO.

Since ICO rating is a lengthy process so we take time and check all vital aspects of the project meticulously. After checking all the documents, we discuss with our team and rate the ICO.