The EPIC Blockchain Hackathon on Blockchain Island

Wednesday November 21, 2018

From October 31st to November 2nd, a two-day Malta Blockchain Hackathon took place
on Blockchain Island (Malta). The hackathon was organized by the Malta Blockchain Summit
who worked in partnership with us, CryptoFriends.

200 participants from around the world battled it out for the main prize of $50,000 in BTC.
The competition lasted for 3 days, and consisted of 18 teams and 1 task – to create
applications and services on selected platforms using decentralized solutions.

First place was won by team, Blockchain Charity Lottery who were followed by teams
and Tensegrity who took the second and third places. We caught up with the
hackathon winners, participants and mentors about motivation, expectations and results.

Igor Kozhurenko, a member of the Blockchain Charity Lottery winning team
After I was invited to participate in the summit, I learned about the hackathon, decided to
participate and gathered a company of talented guys. These are strong programmers and
developers who understand blockchain. Our project is an interesting socially significant
decision on the blockchain, which combines gambling and charity funds. This is an important
service – it will be relevant outside the hackathon, too.

Alexandra Fetisova, Dao casino project manager, hackathon mentor
I am here to understand what value projects carry for the blockchain community. I am
interested in seeing how blockchain is required in the declared business models and to give
advice if it is needed on how to modify the business model in order to use the technology
where its application is necessary. As blockchain enthusiasts, we are introducing
mechanisms that increase the decentralization of the system. For example, we have some
tasks that allow us to deploy to the decentralized network of the game – I want the guys to
test them and give a feedback.

Joseph Dureau, vice president of research at Snips
Blockchain is an important part of our work. We want to see what “local” specialists can do.
Today the blockchain is an ecosystem that still remains somewhat closed, hidden, not fully
understood. We want to try to give our developments of voice technology to people who are
involved in the blockchain. Perhaps, this technology will become more available to the
general public.


Alexandra Fetisova, Dao casino project manager, hackathon mentor
The first criteria is how much the product is used. And, accordingly, how many community
members do support this product. The second is how much the product really needs
blockchain technology and what will happen to it if you omit the blockchain. From a business
point of view, value is an important parameter. How will the project be globally affected with
the development of this technology and how will it affect the whole community.

Noam Eppel, CEO of Morpheus Network, hackathon Mentor
The project must be fully completed and ready for implementation. Everything is important:
excellent code, idea, well-coordinated teamwork.

Joseph Dureau, vice president of research at Snips
First of all, it should work. Secondly, it must solve a specific problem or carry a specific
value. Ideally, I would like to see something that can exist outside of the hackathon. The
competition lasts only three days, so here we are dealing with simple ideas, with prototypes.
There is no product that can be created in three days, so I’m looking for the smart seeds that
can successfully develop.

Igor Kozhurenko, a member of the Blockchain Charity Lottery winning team
There are several components of a successful project. The most important thing is social
significance. It should be a useful solution that works and can help people all over the world.

Naureen Nayar, hackathon participant
There are several types of successful projects. The first is one is that it will be used by
people in future, and will solve global problems that can be applied in life. At the same time,
we can call a successful project one that allows people to interact with each other to think
and everyone manifests himself as an individual.


Alexandra Fetisova, Dao casino project manager, hackathon mentor
This is a networking moment. The guys communicate with each other, due to this,
blockchain technology is being promoted not only amongst blockchain enthusiasts, but also
amongst the developers.

Naureen Nayar, hackathon participant
Here you can discover new opportunities and go beyond the limits of your consciousness.
You do not need to focus on the same idea that you have to translate because someone is
paying for it. You can finally set free all your creative potential.

Noam Eppel, CEO of Morpheus Network, hackathon mentor
Hackathon’s are a way of gaining education. It’s been a great chance, to come here, to the
Malta Blockchain Summit and learn something new. You can challenge yourself and at the
same time enjoy meeting new acquaintances and the atmosphere in general.

Igor Kozhurenko, a member of the Blockchain Charity Lottery winning team
Participation gives self-confidence, additional expertise, learns to solve problems in a quick
way and to provide results in a short time.

Joseph Dureau, vice president of research at Snips
Now the blockchain is at an its early stage of development, many processes have not yet
reached the final stage, the mechanisms are still not well thought out. For us as a
community, it is important to understand what we do, what awaits us in the future. The secret
is simple – we need to get together, communicate, interact with each other, challenge each
other – and so real ideas, projects will be born, they will take shape. For this we must be

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