Primpy is a cognitive, blockchain-based, user-generated commerce platform. It’s changing how retailers and business owners sell their products, and how people discover, purchase, resell, and learn about new items online. With unique features and its own database of shoppers, it will be a platform that fashion business owners want to be part of. Driven by both data and human expertise, it will target only the customers that look for offered products or that want the services that vendors have to sell. With customer permission, the data will also be shared with real-world shops when customers enter their stores.


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  • Fabrizio Piccoli
  • Founder
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  • Roberto Ongaro
  • CEO
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  • Cristina Lavarone
  • CMO
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  • Fabio Mezzone
  • COO
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  • Edoardo Prada
  • CFO
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  • Luka Rudan
  • STO Executive Manager
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  • Borja Bolčina
  • Development Team Lead
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  • Anastasiya Rudenko
  • Product Owner
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  • Elvis Sukanović
  • Blockchain Development Team Lead
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  • Nikita Fuchs
  • Senior Blockchain Developer
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  • Metka Jelinčič Maraž
  • STO Legal
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  • Alan Jereb
  • STO Community Manager Lead
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  • Boštjan Krajnik
  • Application Architect
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  • Iztok Pavlin
  • STO Chief Project Manager
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  • Marko Kravos
  • STO Marketing Manager
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  • Blagojcho Zhelezarski
  • Full Stack Developer
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159 days 14 hours left

2018-03-01 | 2019-10-31
Token PPI
Price 1 PPI = 1 USD
Bonus Available
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment 50 USD
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 47,000,000 USD
Country Malta

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