Security Token Offering

A comprehensive list of STOs, are listed after proper research and analysis.

Light Coin Group STO
Light Coin Group, formerly known as the Light Touch Research...
07/21/2020 09/21/2020 0
Smart Trade Coin STO
Nowadays, despite impressive yield, it is becoming more and more...
10/21/2019 03/15/2020 0
SolarStake STO
Solarstake is an asset-backed token where each token represents 1...
08/01/2019 01/31/2020 0
Jinbi STO
Jinbi Token merges gold with blockchain technology, revolutionising the gold...
06/28/2018 12/20/2018 0
Sports Ledger STO
A revolutionary token that will empower a revolution in the...
12/27/2018 02/21/2019 0
Alchemy STO
Debt financing has traditionally been facilitated by conventional banks for...
08/27/2018 09/10/2019 0
Jarvis STO
The Jarvis Exchange allows fiat, crypto, stocks, Forex and CFDs...
03/01/2019 03/21/2019 0
UniFox STO
Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. UniFox presents a complete crypto ecosystem...
12/01/2018 12/31/2018 0
Cryptune STO
US company Cryptune LLC, is set to disrupt the Point...
11/15/2018 02/11/2019 0
Loteo STO
Loteo is digital automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and...
03/01/2019 04/30/2019 0 STO is all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to...
02/28/2019 05/01/2019 0
Mt Pelerin STO
At Mt Pelerin, we believe that an evolution of banking...
10/30/2018 12/15/2018 0
Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, MOBU...
02/01/2018 04/30/2019 0
HYGH is a game-changing peer-to-peer advertising network and content management...
06/07/2019 12/07/2019 25
Gainfy STO
Gainfy is a healthcare ecosystem powered by blockchain, AI and...
02/01/2019 07/31/2019 24 STO is the first e-commerce platform that allows online stores...
12/01/2018 01/30/2020 18
LinkChain STO
LINKCHAIN is a new Supply Chain startup developing a hybrid...
01/02/2019 12/31/2019 25
Monarch STO
The Ultimate Payment Solution for both Businesses and Consumers, pairing...
08/15/2018 06/19/2019 25
Primpy STO
Primpy is a cognitive, blockchain-based, user-generated commerce platform. It’s changing...
03/01/2018 10/31/2019 22

Security Token Offering 2019

Arguably Security Token Offering STO will be a big thing in crypto market in 2019. To understand the security token in a better manner, first of all, it is mandatoryto understand security in Finance.

Bonds, debentures, notes, options, shares (stocks), and warrants are comes under securities, which are tradable financial assets. Share or stock allows you to own a part in a company, without taking actual possession of it. Companies and government use these methods to raise the funds from various investors. And investors get their returnin the form of dividends or interest rates or share of company’s profit. And when these things are done through a Cryptographic token then it is known as security token.

Simply put, STO Security Token Offering is the fundraising model like ICO, but STO tokens are backed by the real time digital asset. Where ICO is designed to automate the token sale between two parties without any security contract the same security token offering STO is developed with advanced security. So STO is considered more authentic than ICO and there is no place for scam in STO. STO tokens are registered with SEC and it is regulated way of crowd funding. People who feel that they have been cheated during STO; they can claim their assets legally through court.

Security token Offering list at CoinMarketPlus

At CoinMarketPlus you will get comprehensive list of SRC20 security tokens which are listed after proper research and analysis. We have dexterous team of professionals who do end-to-end research and check the each aspects of STO like advisors, lawyers, regulators, and technical platform behind the STO. Besides, you will get the latest and complete information about all upcoming and active STOs.

The key difference between ICOs and STOs

  • Where ICOs are easy to set up and chance of scam arises, the same STOs are not easy to set up. To launch STO you will have to deal with advisors, lawyers, regulators and technical platform, which is not so easy. Since so many entities are involve in STO and it goes through tough checking before launch, so there is no chance of scam.
  • STOs are backed by real and registered assets, so you can trust on STO project. On the other hand ICOs are not backed by real time asset so you can’t rely on ICO project.
  • STOs are compliant and fully regulated, but ICOs are not full regulated, investors holdall the risk.
  • STOs are genuine and incorporated into the greater security market, the same ICOs are purely speculative and you can’t rely on them.

What are the advantages of security token offering?

There are array of benefits of security token offering. Such as: equity, dividend, voting rights, profit share rights, buyback rights, and easy liquidity etc. Apartfrom that STOs are approved by SEC, increase in liquidity, lower issuance fees, offers greater market efficiency, and global capital investment pool.