ICO List

You will get the list of Recruitment ICOs, which are listed on the website after the sound research an. It helps to reduce the expensive to search, acquire and interview the workers by avoiding the unnecessary friction. The core objective of the Recruitment ICO is to disrupt the marketplace of the job by enhancing the quality of job marketplace around the world. It helps to reduce the price around the various boards, create the people community, and improve worker quality and others.

Token Status Start End Rating Votes
The HireMatch is built on the Ethereum platform. It helps...
10/01/2017 02/15/2018 7
Coinlancer (CL)
The coinlancer is built on the Ethereum platform. It connects...
10/14/2017 12/15/2017 0
Global Jobcoin (GJC)
Global Jobcoin for Employers and Employees. A decentralized coin to...
10/15/2017 12/06/2017 0
FreelancerCoin (LAN)
Freelancercoin is an online freelancing platform that is built entirely...
12/29/2017 03/31/2018 4
Aworker is a multi-chain verified data protocol for applications creation...
10/05/2018 02/02/2019 10