Rating Methodology

We have following rating methodologies:

  • Our assessment algorithm uses more than twenty different criteria on with each ICO.
  • “We have a team of expert who rates the ICO on different criteria including team involves in ICO, ICO information, product presentation and its presence on different social media platforms.”

Rating is not permanent; our experts will monitor the ICO on daily basis and rate it as per its market value, launching date, end date and its present scope in the market. If none of the experts rates the ICO, then assessment algorithm is used.

Assessment algorithm:

We divide evaluation into four different groups in assessment algorithm. The rating is automated and it cannot change manually. All ICOS are rated under the same condition, by the same assessment algorithm.


The team is the backbone of any organization. A strong and skilled team determines the success of the organization. Investors do in-depth research before investing, especially their focus remains on the team. A seasoned and skilled ICO member adds value. On CoinMarketPlus, our experts check the number of team members, photos, full names, and social media links. Apart from that if there is information like members with ICO success that consider more authentic.

ICO information:

To rate the ICO we take ICO information seriously because it is very important for potential investors. Concealing any information or not showing all the information perceived as an insecurity or uncertainty. There is several ICO information like ICO starts and end date; we take into account, while rating.

Product presentation:

Product presentation is the spine of ICO so we take it into account while rating. Here we go through the whitepaper, milestones, and video presentation. A strong and powerful product presentation makes an ICO trustworthy and worth investing. Potential visitors want to understand the product and know about post-ICO plans and goals for the future. So if there is no plan and goals for the future, them definitely no one will take interest.

Marketing and social media:

We also check the social media presence and marketing campaign, while rating the ICO. Because it is an important criteria, which determines the success of ICO. We monitor the activity on different social media network, which provides us a better insight into how in touch the ICO team is to their potential investors. Definitely, ICO is a new concept and many ICOs are not leveraging the power of social media and other robust marketing platform but it is important to present everywhere thereby all types of investors can know about the project.


We have a seasoned and vigorous team of professionals, who rate ICO independently and unbiased manner. They consider each aspect meticulously, while rating. Their rating is based on his or her experience and expertise in the particular field.


CoinMarketPlus publishes ratings only for information purposes. They are not an invitation to invest in an ICO project. We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

We follow the same rating method in STO as in IEO.